lifting brands to a higher level

Our portfolio showcases a wide range of projects and illustrates the possibilities of our levitation technology. In every showcase we mention the levitation module that is used for the particular project. This way you can get an idea of scale.  Some projects use standard modules and some projects contain custom built levitation technology. Good collaboration makes great end results.

levitating pastry display

Magnetic Levitation Pastry


eric cantona announces that he is going to space and world-first ‘weightless’ statue is unveiled in his honour

floating Calvin Klein watch

Calvin Klein

An eye catching jewelry display for the International Jewelry and Watch Trade Fair in Basel – Switzerland.



Quadra used our modules to make a unique window display during Mens Sneaker Week for Diadora.

floating award sundayafternoon

Young Guns Award

Crealev helped develop the One Club of Creativity Award. Sunday Afternoon a design studio based in New York City

floating shoes


Our advanced technology allowed Aishti to create this scenario of suspended shoes and handbags.

spinning and floating product display

Fendi’s spinning ceramic

Delfina Delettrez Fendi delights in altering our perceptions, placing gems in phantom settings and designing pearl earrings that seem to drift away from the earlobe.


Mattel Hoverboard

When Marty McFly stole a little girls’ hoverboard to outfly his chasers during the 1989 film ‘Back to the Future 2’, an icon was born.

UEFA cup floating

champions cup

When HAVAS approached us with the question ‘can you help us levitate the UEFA cup?’ our first reaction was well.. intrigued.


Lexus Slide

Lexus introduced an actual working hoverboard. That is right; a hoverboard a person could actually stand on and move with.

under armour

Of course you don’t need a specially tailormade shoe display to present footwear in a stunning way, and under armour proves this.

Soccer Ball

A game between Sevilla and FC Barcelona brought a curious surprise to the players of both teams as well as the quartet of referees.


The End

The hamburger – the most powerful food object in the industrialized world, is displayed here as a floating sculpture.

Peboryon floating cake

levitating cake

This is an amazing levitating cake, designed and made by the award winning company Peboryon (based in Penzance, UK)

Mihoya Glass [glass] × Yeongkyu Yoo

Floating glass

A fusion of the most traditional and the most futuristic.

OR-BIT (2016) - Monira Al Qadiri


OR-BIT is a levitating iridescent model of an oil drill that quietly rotates, as if to drill the sky above it.

Floating art objects

In god we trust

As part of a 2016 collaboration with Crealev Richard Clarkson Studio produced a prototype for a magnetically levitating cloud…