terms and conditions

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 Crealev means in these General Terms and Conditions CREALEV B.V., registered by the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), with Chamber of Commerce-number 17198991.
1.2 ‘Customer’ means every visitor of the webshop, natural person or legal person, who places an order at Crealev B.V..

Article 2 Application

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all orders placed at CREALEV B.V..
2.2 By placing an order the customer accepts and understands the application of the General Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Only with an agreement in written, deviation is possible from the General Terms and Conditions, in which case the remaining articles of these General Terms and Conditions remain fully in force.
2.4 Crealev Originals maintains the right to modify or complete these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 Agreement

3.1 An agreement is established from the moment an order confirmation is sent to the e-mail address given by the customer. The customer and Crealev agree that through the use of electronic communication forms a valid agreement comes into existence as soon as this order confirmation has been sent to the customer. The electronic files of Crealev apply, as far as the law allows, herewith as a supposition of evidence.

Article 4 Personal Data

4.1 Crealev is holder of registrations according to the ‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’ (Personal Data Protection Act). These personal data will be stored in the Crealev system.
4.2 The data given by the customer, will be treated with confidence and are only used for the following purposes:
– Processing the order, payment and delivery to the correct delivery address
– Stimulate the user friendliness of the web shop
– To provide information about sales, special offers and a newsletter (if selected by customer)

Article 5 Offer

5.1 Information (on the website, by e-mail, verbal, by telephone), photos or images given by Crealev about the products are as accurate as possible. Crealev can’t guarantee all products fully resemble with the information given. Deviations are initially no motive for compensation and/or ending the agreement.
If the product fully deviates from the description given on the website, Crealev will take suitable actions to concede the customer.
5.2 Crealev can’t be kept to her offer if the customer, in terms of reasonableness of social understanding, could have understood that the offer contains an obvious mistake or miswriting.

Article 6 Prices and Payments

6.1 All prices mentioned by Crealev are excluding VAT unless specifically stated otherwise. All prices are excluding costs of shipping
6.2 Crealev maintains the right to change the prices, especially when (legally) required.
6.3 Special offers are only valid for the period mentioned on the website in relation to that special offer.
6.4 Orders placed at the webshop can be paid in the following ways
– iDEAL (direct) (only for Dutch bank accounts)
– Paypal
– Credit card
–  Payment in advance via wire transfer, the customer makes a transfer of the amount due to “Bank-relation Rabobank Eindhoven / Account IBAN: NL90RABO0137382057 BIC: RABONL2U of Crealev in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)”, with mentioning of the order number. The amount due should be added on our bank account within the period of 5 days for the Netherlands and 7 days for countries outside the Netherlands. The agreement will automatically end after expiration of this period.
– Cash payment if you collect the order in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Article 7 Shipping Costs

7.1 Prices mentioned on our site and web shop are ex-works. Meaning they are without VAT and without Shipping unless specifically stated otherwise. Clients are welcome to utilize their own shipping channels. If preferred, Crealev can handle shipping for orders as well. Costs are quoted per individual order. Because of the varying sizes
7.2 Crealev is not and cannot be held responsible for any extra costs (i.e. customs, state tax) if the order is sent outside the Netherlands.

Article 8 Delivery

8.1 For International buyers, orders are shipped and delivered with UPS, TNT or International express post. Orders for Dutch clients are shipped through registered domestic courier companies and /or express post only. It’s also possible to pick up your order on location.
8.2 When receiving a direct or in advance payment before 1 PM (except on Saturday, Sunday or Monday) the order will be shipped the same day if in stock.
8.3 For deliveries in countries outside the Netherlands different delivery conditions are valid.
8.4 Crealev has the right to back-order ordered products. Extra costs of subsequent shipping are for Crealev.
8.5 Delivery takes place at the customers address, given in the agreement.

Article 9 Ownership

9.1 The ownership of the products passes on to the customer at the moment that the products are offered at the given address of the customer. Crealev cannot be held responsible for possible costs and damages that arise after the customer lacks in accepting the delivery.

Article 10 Intellectual property right

10.1 The customer acknowledges that all rights of intellectual properties of presented information, images, announcements or other expressions related to the products, website (or promotion of it) lies with Crealev or other entitled persons.
10.2 Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trademarks and other (intellectual property) rights, including technical and commercial methods and concepts.

Article 11 Force Majeure

11.1 If one or both parties are not able to fulfil their obligation as a result of a circumstance for which one cannot be blamed, force majeure, none of the parties will be held liable.
11.2 Both parties have the possibility as long as the force majeure lasts to postpone the agreement. If this period takes longer than 2 months, both parties are entitled to end the agreement without any obligation for compensation to the other party.

Article 12 Compensation

12.1 Crealev can only be hold responsible for compensation, if it was on purpose or with blame, originated because of a circumstance on account of risks taken by Crealev.
Crealev can only be held responsible for damage, caused on purpose by Crealev, or caused by circumstances based on risks taken by Crealev.

Article 13 Governing law

13.1 Dutch law applies exclusively to all the rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements.
13.2 All disputes between both parties will only be settled by a for that purpose competent Dutch court.

Article 14 Returns

14.1 If you ware not happy with your purchase, or you are encountering problems; please contact us so we can find a fitting solution.


Article 15 Warranty and service

15.1 If you require service or information or if you have a problem, please visit the website www.crealev.com or contact the distributor in your

If your country does not have a distributor, please approach your dealer or contact the Crealev service department at crealev@crealev.

There is a 1-year international warranty on all parts. Shipment costs are for the buyer. Repair and replacement costs within period of
warranty are on behalf of Crealev BV. The warranty expires if the device has been altered by others. Due to liability insurance, Crealev BV does not sell levitation modules to buyers who are based in Northern American countries, unless they sign Crealev’s ‘Release and Indemnity’ form.

Hereby any buyers, resellers or users located in the US or Canada take full responsibility for any irregularities/damage or negative effects
that may occur while using the Crealev Levitation Module. For any other service, questions or information, please contact Crealev: crealev@crealev.com.