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unique magnetic levitation technology

On this page we want to explain a little bit about how our technology works. We will show the different classes of standard levitation units, and we will explain something about their internal parts. However, like every good chef we won’t share the secret sauce of our patented mag-Lev technology.

To start off with, most people have tried to balance two repelling magnets at some point in their life. I am sure that you are no exception. Maybe you have done this as a kid, or you’ve tried it more recently and surely you’ve noticed that it is impossible to obtain a balance. The reason for this is that you need a few key ingredients besides just magnets. Next to magnets we us a sensor, a tracking point, a control unit and electromagnets. All parts play an essential role in creating a permanent levitating state. The permanent magnets generate lift because they repel each other. The Sensor tracks the position of  the floating disk, by looking at a reflective spot on the underside. The control unit processes this information and adjust the magnetic field accordingly.

All levitation devices


First of all, the models are called: the Alt 37, Flux 45, Void 71 and Octo 88. The alt37 is the smallest and the Octo88 is the biggest. Each type of levitation unit is designed to carry a certain weight and size. The weights range from a few hundred grams up to ten kilogram. The most weight we were ever able to levitate was a whopping 30 kilograms! Secondly, all devices have the same essential parts; a power-adapter, the base, and the floating carrier. And inside of the units are the parts we discussed earlier.

For any custom project, we always try to base the design off a standard levitation unit. However, sometimes the requirements of the projects are such that a standard levitation unit simply doesn’t cut it. Therefore you can imagine that there are countless variations possible. For example; if the object you want to levitate is long and narrow, we can connect 2 levitation units together. This create a long shaped platform as a result. Our goal is always to hide the technology as much as possible, so you can imagine that it is preferable to have a floating platform that matches the shape of the floating object as much as possible.


Next to our basic floating modules, we offer a scope of custom solutions. Things like hovering shoes, levitation displays, a floating wedding cake or anything else that is out of the box and needs to fly. We love to experiment and find out new stuff in our lab. The place is stuffed with all kinds of experiments for bespoke projects.

If you’re ever in doubt if your product can levitate, you can always send it to us so we can do a feasibility check. Contact us for more information about this service.

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