Crealev is a young, dynamic and hands-on company. The Crealev team consists of engineers and designers, an enthusiastic and flexible team ready to create product and projects that will amaze everyone.

We have a wide skill-set and ever increasing experience with magnetic levitation, product design and display products. We love to create products ourselves. We love to collaborate. Crealev can share knowledge, ideas and experience during the concept or prototype phase of your levitation product. We are happy to participate in brainstorming sessions during the concept phase and to offer fresh thinking on your project.

The floating Nike shoe is an example of a project for which we were involved during the concept phase. Our design skills include 3d design, 2d sketching and prototyping.

Our products are built and developed in house. We manufacture small to medium sized volumes ourselves and have excellent contact with production and manufacturing facilities if larger scale production is required.

But what if your project cannot be realized due to the limitations of current technology? We’ll build better and newer technology! Our in house research and development team really loves a challenge. They’re experienced electronics and mechatronics professionals who can’t wait to create your idea.


Crealev floating lamps


Interested what we can offer or just curious about prices? Contact us via our contact form and we’ll answer all your questions. You can also run the feasibility of your really cool levitation idea by us. We’re happy to help.