CLM1 5 Datsit Studio Canada. Great demo in french of our CLM 1.5 module.

Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device! by brusspup. See CLM-2 live in action.

Dutch TV debut in a great new dutch program Klaas Kan Alles.

This video showcases the CLR-1. It’s a levitation rail containing multiple levitation devices. This enables objects to slide along the full length of the array.

Back to the Future’s Hoverboard in Real Life? – Fact or Fictional

AL13_leggero come alluminio.

Angela Jansen, introduction about the Crealev technology in Beirout 2014.

Kay van Vree, made a installation of a floating cloud. Presented during Magneet Festival 2014 in Amsterdam. The levitating cloud was made with Crealev Technology. The video shows you how easy you can integrate our hovering modules. Kay uses a CLM1.5.

Shown is a maglev based smartphone display. The insert is designed to be able to display today’s current smartphones. It’s based on a Crealev CLM 1+ levitation module and rotation is achieved by a disbalance and almost frictionless movement around the z-axis of the module.

Shown is a maglev based display with a custom Vapor Laser Football Clear.The Nike Vapor Laser Talon weighs just 5.6 oz. and was created to help top football athletes maintain their drive stance longer as they train for and compete in the 40-yard dash. The Maglev display was built by Crealev and commisioned by IDL worldwide. It’s based on a Crealev CLM 0.7 levitation module and rotation is achieved by a rotation table.

One of two prototypes Maketropolis designed, engineered and realized together with Crealev. Video shows a floating iPad that slowly rotates during the 2010 edition of the Dutch Design Week.

This video showcases our first prototype levitating shoe. It wasn’t commissioned, we’ve created it on our own initiative.

Demonstrating the CLM 1+ capabilities. It’s capable of levitating 1 Kg loads and able to take a lot of force from the top.