the elevator
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The Elevator

You know us, because we make things float. And now, we make things float automatically.

Not everyone is a master of balance. That is why we created the automatic lift. Just by pushing a button, the floating carrier gently lifts into the air. Push again.. and the carrier lands. We also created a power failure proof feature, which makes it all worry free.

The Elevator, Complete  (CLM1 +)

Automatic setup with push button built into a white plinth, including transparent cover. Safe automatic unload and load after power interruption. No wearing batteries, use of long life supercapacitors (power failure proof feature).

1410,- euro

CLM+ and Elevator module (to built-in )

Automatic setup with push button can be built in. Including push button, power plug and power failure proof feature.

950,- euro

Product Description

The spec for ‘The Elevator, Complete’

Size LxBxH, 300 x 300 x 1800 mm

Levitation height 45mm
Carrying capability max 1kg
Input power 100-240V
Average power 4W
Peak power 30W



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