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2_12_22_3CLM 2 Levitation Module (floating height max 87 mm)2_5Floating disc distance of Crealev CLM 2 maglev kit

CLM 2 Levitation Module (floating height max 87 mm)

The CLM 2 is a levitation device which consists out of 2 parts; a base module and a carrier. The base module is the octagonal non-floating part which contains the technology. It has an optical sensor and needs electric power. The floating part is a magnet disc, which is called the carrier.

The carrier serves as a floating plateau on which you can put an object. It can also be integrated into the presentation obj ect. The CLM 2 has a maximum levitation height of 87 mm and is capable of carrying loads up to 10 kg.The CLM 2 is activated by inserting the power plug into the mains. Hold the carrier, with its rubber side down, on the top of your fingertips. Hold it over the base and center it straight above the sensor until “lock” occurs and release the carrier. The presentation object can be placed on top of the carrier. Keep the center of gravity in the middle and as low as possible to acquire an optimal levitation set-up.

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Product Description


Load – Levitation Height
0 kg (0 Lb) 87 mm (3.4”)
5 kg(11 Lb) 48 mm (1.9”)
10 kg (22 Lb) 25 mm (1.0”)

CLM 2 Product Sheet. Click to download PDF

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