The Modules

Our modules are primarily bought by designers, artists, tinkerers and other people who like to create something extraordinary.


The modules consist of two elements; a base containing the electronics and a disc. The floating disc (referred to as carrier, carrier ring or carrier disc throughout this document) can be integrated into objects, or objects can be placed on top or over the carrier.


Our Crealev Levitation Modules are available in 4 different sizes; the CLM 0.7, the CLM 1+, the CLM 1.5 and the CLM 2. With carrying loads ranging from less than 500 grams up to 10 kilograms, we are always able to supply a module that suits your idea or project. We offer great durability, a high quality finish, an excellent field record and we make sure that the levitating element of your project is a success. We can deliver the units from stock, which reduces lead times.