Our floating displays are the complete solution for creating stunning presentations. Finished with the very best materials, they guarantee that your product will get noticed. We have off the shelf products but we are also able to

work with you to create a custom display for your product or idea. Drop us an email or fill out the contact form with your vision and we’ll work our magic to create a unique bespoke eye-catcher.

The columns are 120-150cm high pillars. Our modules have been embedded making them a ready to go option for tradeshows and events. The specific heights of the columns are defined to ensure that everyone enjoys the products on display. The displays can support weights of up to 10kg, so we’re sure to have a column that suits your product.


Finally there’s a table-top model that has been designed specifically for objects weighing up to 2kg. A flat rectangular surface makes replacing objects a breeze. The mirror adds an extra dimension and angle for perfectly show-casing your object.

Interested in our complete range or would you like to know what our advice for your product?
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