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CLM 1+ Levitation Module (floating height max 45 mm)

The CLM 1+ is a kit that consists of a base (non-floating part) and a carrier (floating magnet ring). The CLM 1+ is a levitation system with a levitation height of 45 mm and is capable of carrying loads up to 1 kg. It's the go to module for all projects needing a floating element.

The CLM 1+ is operated by connecting the base to a supply (mains adaptor). Next putting the carrier, with its rubber side down, in the middle above the base until “lock” occurs. The carrier can then be released. Both carrier and base contain powerful magnets, therefore Crealev advises to keep magnetic sensitive devices such as credit cards at a minimum distance of 25 mm (<300 Gauss) from the CLM 1+.

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Product Description


0 grams (0 Lb) 45 mm (1.8”)
500 grams (1.6 Lb) 24 mm (0.9”)
1000 grams / 1 Kg (3.3 Lb) 17 mm (0.7”)

CLM 1+ Product Sheet. Click for PDF download.

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